Mulrooney is firm with MD

After flirting with the idea of taking more visits following Ralph Friedgen's departure from Maryland, Wilmington (Dela.) Salesianum School offensive tackle Evan Mulrooney has decided to stay put.
"I had my meeting with Coach Edsall," he said. "He wanted me as a player and reassured me by telling me the direction the program will be taking. He talked a lot about his philosophy and stuff like that. I've decided to cancel all my visits and stick with Maryland."
What was it from Edsall's visit that made him stay with the Terps?

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"I just got a real good vibe from him," he said. "The main thing was whether he wanted me as a player. He told me the situation at Connecticut that they were not taking many linemen and it wasn't anything against me. I'm not holding a grudge about it, I was just curious if he wanted me as a player or was trying to uphold my commitment.
"He talked about how he's looking forward to getting me there and developing young men into good people. I just felt comfortable with him and he's a really good guy. He was cool with my family and my family liked him a lot. That was important to me. It just felt right and like nothing has changed.
"Also, Coach Brattan is there. That's another plus. Everything is squared away and I'm going to sign with them on the second."