Moye ready for new start

Since moving from Jasper, quarterback Gilbert Moye has had to play his football at the junior varsity level since moving after a hurricane tore through his home. Now at Diboll, he's patiently awaiting that first varsity game this fall.
The 6-foot-2, 200-pounder, regardless of level of competition, is considered one of the top athletes in the state. He was forced to move down to the junior varsity level for one year according to UIL transfer rules. However, Moye has picked up his first scholarship offer and looks to add several more between now and next season.
"Houston just offered me," Moye said. "I was pretty excited to see that, but it didn't surprise me really. I kind of knew something was going to come eventually."

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Moye says that he thinks about his return to the varsity level on a daily basis.
"Yes sir, I can't wait," Moye said. "The new school has been really great here at Diboll. They've welcomed me and I really like it here. Everyday I'm running and lifting. I'm getting stronger and bigger because I want to take us to the playoffs."
Aside from his offer from Houston, Moye says the most mail is coming from Oklahoma and Texas by far.
"Texas sends me handwritten cards every week and they want me to come down to their junior day in late March," Moye said. "I'm pretty excited about that. They're my top school right now because they've got that style of offense I like – the shotgun spread."
Though he could play a number of different positions, Moye says he likes lining up and calling the signals. That's where he sees himself on the next level.
"I've gotten so much attention for this position and that's where I want to play," he said. "Right now, I'm just thinking ahead and wherever I get the opportunity to play, I'll play."