Moye cancels MSU official

Rochester, Pa. wide receiver Derek Moye was scheduled to take an official visit to Michigan State this weekend. At this the last second, the 6-foot-4, 182-pounder cancelled the trip. Does he plan to reschedule?
"I was supposed to go, but I cancelled it," he said. "I decided I'm not going to go. I thought it over and decided I don't want to go that far away from home."
Moye confirmed he still plans to take his two other scheduled trips to Pittsburgh on January 5th and West Virginia on January 19th.

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"I think it's really down to those two schools and Penn State," he said. "I really want to get a feel for both places and just see how I like it. Then I'll be able to make a decision. Right now I'd say it's pretty even between the three."
What stands out about each school to the three-star prospect?
"For Penn State, I like that they are in the Big Ten," he said. "Playing in front of 100,000 fans every game and for a legendary coach like Joe Paterno is great. Pittsburgh is my hometown school and I think they are an up and coming program that is getting better.
"West Virginia has coach Rodriguez there and he's a good coach. They also have a very good program that has been in the national championship race the last few years. I think it's going to come down to wherever I feel the most comfortable."
As a senior, Moye registered 1,000 yards rushing, 450 yards receiving and 31 total touchdowns.