Mouton talks USC

When it comes to recruiting, some players are open books and other like to play it closer to the vest. Los Angeles (Calif.) Venice safety Jonas Mouton is definitely the latter. The athlete took his fourth and final official visit this past weekend to USC but said he's a long ways away from making a decision.
Mouton, 6-2, 210 pounds had earlier visited Nebraska, Michigan and LSU. He said the recent visit to USC will be his last and those four schools are the only ones he's looking at.
"The trip was great but I've been to USC so many times already I felt like I already knew a lot about the place," Mouton said. "I've been to a number of practices and know most of the team already. Kevin Ellison and Lawrence Jackson were my hosts and I got way back with both of those guys, especially Lawrence.

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"Overall, I really enjoyed myself. The atmosphere at the game was great and it was cool to get a close up look at how the team prepares for the game. They really get fired up before they get out on the field. First at the hotel and then in the locker room before the game. By the time the team hits the field, they're so charged up and that's why they always play with so much intensity.
"As for the game itself, I wasn't that surprised that they won like that. I mean, I think we all thought it would be closer but USC has such a great offense, you knew they were going to put points on the board. From there it was just a matter of USC slowing down UCLA's offense and Pete Carroll came up with a great game plan like he always does and they were able to really shut them down all game long.
"After the game and the rest of the weekend, I just did the usual stuff. All the players went out that night and had a good time. I also got the campus tour, talked to some academic people, saw the football facilities, all the same stuff you do on all the trips. I had some good one on one time with Coach Carroll and the rest of the defensive coaches and I think the one thing that really opened my eyes about the visit was seeing the depth chart. Everyone is always talking about how loaded SC is at every position but Kevin Ellison is the only safety they have coming back assuming Darnell (Bing) leaves which everyone thinks he will, so if I go there, I'll have a great chance to step in and play right away or at at least compete for playing time right away."
Mouton said he doesn't have any home visits planned with his final four schools and isn't sure if he will have any.
"Right now, I just want to sit back and get away from recruiting a little," Mouton said. "Even after this visit, I'm still not ready to name a leader or anything and to be honest, I don't think I'll be ready to make a decision until Signing Day. I just want to sit back and really think about this. If I know sooner, I'll go ahead and decide but right now, I really have no idea where the best place for me is so I'm going to take all the time I have to make sure I'm making the best decision for me."