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Mouton takes a step back

Sometimes when prospects have everything being thrown at them from college coaches, scholarship offers, and a huge senior season, many of the nation's top players decide it's time for a break. That is exactly what Venice, Calif., four-star Rivals100 member Jonas Mouton has decided to do.
There were two official visits taken to Michigan and Nebraska back-to-back during the first weeks of September, but now the 6-foot-2, 212-pound No. 4 rated safety in the country is just trying to think about the next step and not rush into anything.
"I'm not close to making a decision right now and at the same time I don't know if I'm taking any more trips or not," Mouton said. "I might be going to LSU, maybe Tennessee, or maybe USC."
"To be honest, I'm just tired. You come off those trips and then have to go back to school on Monday or Tuesday and it left me exhausted. I was thinking about if and when I do take more trips, it will be after the season."
Now that things have sunk in about his two official trips to check out the Wolverines and Huskers play, Mouton was thought by many to have a good idea of which trip he liked better.
However, he's quick to give no comment.
"I don't want to answer that question," Mouton said. "I had a great time at both schools. Everything went very well. From the game day preparation to the academic stuff I was shown, they are great. I guess at the end when I make my decision, everyone will know which one I liked better."
His top five still sits with LSU, USC, Nebraska, Michigan, and Tennessee at this point with no particular order to those teams. He'll shave his list when he finds the right place and then he'll make his commitment whenever the perfect choice comes along.
"I mean all the universities are great places," Mouton said. "It's more about can I live here, can I survive here, and what are my chances of playing early here. Do I fit in with the players and is this the kind of system that will benefit me?"
"It's been hard. Everywhere you go, you seem close to knowing. Some places are better than others, but everywhere I've been has been great."
Basically what Mouton points out over and over is that there is no distinct plan on where he goes from here.
"I'm not trying to pressure myself," Mouton said. "When I know, I'll do it and commit. I'm leaning in some areas to certain schools and I'm not leaning to other schools in other areas. I'm trying to figure out if the things I'm leaning about are really important."
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