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Morris insists hes looking around

Arizona State commit Joe Morris doesn't bother attempting to pinpoint what changed. He just rolls with the punches. Either way, when his latest batch of scholarship offers rolled in, he got the urge the look around. The second thoughts came on suddenly. Even now, he can't totally explain what's causing his wandering eye.
What the Pierce (Calif.) College wide receiver does know, however, is that he intends to visit Hawaii, Middle Tennessee State and possibly Indiana, all of which have extended scholarship offers in the last week. Even more surprising is that Morris is now using phrases like "soft commitment."
The cynic's case is easy to make. But If Morris is pretending to consider a handful of small-conference schools in exchange for a few free trips, - including one to Hawaii -- he sells his faux-interest well. His words are somewhat convincing.
"I could commit on one of the trips," Morris said on Wednesday. "Depending on how the trips go, I wouldn't hesitate to do it. Hawaii and Middle Tennessee are the ones I want to see for sure. Indiana might not be as much of a preference for me."
On the surface, it doesn't seem to make much sense. A Pac 12-bound wideout playing footsy with teams from the Mountain West and Sun Belt respectively? Assuming Morris' is simply a case of a player soaking up the recruiting process is simple. He argues otherwise, though.
"Those schools will play me early," Morris said. "That's the situation. The situation is all about me starting right away. Being a juco player, I don't have time to come in and sit around."
It's for that reason, he says, that a flip from Arizona State to Hawaii is real possibility. He won't insult everyone's intelligence by saying the island scenery doesn't make any difference, so he expects the skepticism and does his best to combat it.
"It's because of (the location) and it's also because of the situation," he said. " Junior college players are what they do out there. Hawaii specializes is junior college players."
Morris says he intends to take his official visit to Hawaii "sometime in December" but hasn't nailed down an exact date just yet. As for a trip to Middle Tennessee State, that date is even less certain.
"I'm working on a day for Hawaii and Middle Tennessee," he said. "I might visit Indiana, too. I'm not sure."
So where does that leave the Sun Devils, the team that secured Morris' commitment in July? For now, all is well.
Kind of.
"I'm still committed, but it's a soft commitment," Morris said. "It's just telling them that they are my top school."