Morin receiving even more interest

The season didn't go as well as junior quarterback Matt Morin would have hoped but because he transferred to Temecula (Calif.) Chaparral this year it took a while for him and the receivers to start clicking.
Morin and three-star receiver Antoine Arnold started playing well together later in the season but by then it was too tough to rebound. That's why this off-season and next year are big for Morin, who said despite the losing record many colleges have started to show interest.
"It was a good season overall," Morin said. "I know the record wasn't good but I learned a lot. I know a lot of our players are juniors. A lot of us are going to be a lot better next year. It was kind of a weird season. It was fun hanging around the guys. Since I transferred I can hang out with them more.

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"I didn't think it was going to be difficult. It started off difficult but as the season went on it started clicking more. The last two games Antoine and I started clicking. That's kind of late but it took a while."
The 6-foot-2, 190-pound pro-style quarterback claims an offer from Colorado and said Cal, USC, UCLA, Oregon, Nebraska, Alabama, LSU, Washington, Duke and Arkansas are showing interest.
It's a great list to start with for Morin, a lefty who was incredibly impressive at the Los Angeles NIKE Camp this past spring.
"It's awesome," Morin said. "I didn't expect all those schools. It's cool just getting letters and a couple hand-written letters. I never dreamed of getting anything but now it's coming true. I'm getting talked to and it's a lot of fun."
Morin is also a standout baseball player who'll play this season but said no matter what he still plans to attend college. Football is his first love and Morin said he wants to definitely play in college while still strongly considering baseball, too.
"I'll play baseball this year but I'm going to see how the season goes," he said. "If I do well in baseball I'm going to college anyway. I want to play football no matter what because that's where my heart is. If I had to pick I'd pick football."