Morgan making noise

Things are going just fine for Bossier City (La.) Parkway 2016 cornerback C.J. Morgan.
The 5-9, 166-pound standout is playing 5A football as a sophomore for the 10-0 Parkway Panthers, and he is gearing up for a playoff match-up against LSU commit Xavier Lewis and Reserve (La.) East St. John.
It has not been bad at all for Morgan, who has been nothing short of a standout in his first season as a full time defender.

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"I can tell I've matured a lot as for as being a defensive player. I've played offense all my life and this is my first year playing nothing but defense. I've played running back and receiver and this is my first year playing nothing but DB. So in the spring game I had about 4 tackles, but I wasn't really comfortable with hitting and didn't really know how to hit. So I can see me playing with the big guys now I've turned into an actual defensive player. I'm comfortable with hitting and tackling and going up for jump balls and all of that and it's made me the player I am now.
Morgan received his first offer from ULL but over the weekend he was excited to learn of his first SEC offer from the Mississippi State Bulldogs.
"I couldn't tell you. When I first got it I was like this can't be serious someone is pulling a prank on me," Morgan said. "A good friend of mine, Tre Jackson, he got his first SEC offer as a sophomore too and I was thinking man you must be doing some pretty big things down there to get an SEC as a sophomore. Then when I got it I felt good, I felt like I was doing something right."
In addition to ULL and Mississippi State, Morgan is also receiving attention from Vanderbilt and LSU, and has taken unofficial visits to LSU for the Auburn game, ULL for their homecoming, and Mississippi State for their match-up with Alabama.
Right now he is keeping his options open and taking in all of the attention.
"I'm not really a big fan of making leaders right now," Morgan said. "I have a long way to go until getting down to a commitment or anything."