Morelli might wait on decision

Everyone has heard the rumors -- Pittsburgh (Pa.) Penn Hills star quarterback Anthony Morelli will commit to a school sometime in August. Not so fast.
"I'm still weighing things out," said the 6-foot-4, 208-pounder. "I just got an offer from Notre Dame in the mail a couple of weeks ago so they've jumped near the top of my list. Pitt, FSU and Notre Dame are my top three while UCLA and Ohio State are there also. Tennessee is also in the mix."
Morelli, who is ranked 10th on the Rivals100 and is the No. 2 pro-style quarterback in the nation, thought about making his decision early and still might.
"We're going to see what happens over the next month or so and then see where we are," said his father, Greg. "Anthony has 43 written offers from some terrific schools and has this great opportunity -- we don't want to rush into anything."
It has long been rumored that Morelli is a slight lean towards Pitt, a school he has visited numerous times. Is that true?
"No one really stands out as No. 1," Morelli said. "I've been to Pitt quite a bit and it's very close to home, but I want to see some other schools first before I decide."
That means trips to Florida State, Notre Dame and perhaps Tennessee and Ohio State. Morelli, who has already visited UCLA, will get another look at the West Coast this upcoming week.
"I leave for the Elite 11 camp in California on July 20," he said. "I'll take a look around again when I'm out there."
Morelli knows what he wants in a program.
"I'm looking for a winning program where I can get playing time and that has good coaches," he said. "I'm not going to really look at who else commits where before I decide. I'm deciding for myself."
That ends the rumor that Morelli and Pittsburgh (Pa.) North Hills running back Andrew Johnson will commit to the same school next week.
"That's a funny rumor," said his father. "I heard rumors that Anthony and Andrew were both going to commit to Pitt next Tuesday. We won't even be in Pittsburgh then, we'll be in California. Andrew will do his thing on Tuesday and Anthony will make his decision when the time feels right."
And if Johnson commits to Pitt as expected?
"Anthony likes Pitt for a lot of reasons," Greg Morelli said. "He really likes coach (Walt) Harris quite a bit, he could be his favorite coach.
"But he's not so much affected by the ACC expansion and the Big East losing Miami and Virginia Tech, but you have to wonder if the coaching staff at Pitt is affected. Coach Harris has been a candidate for other coaching jobs every year it seems and the question is -- will he want to stay in a Big East without Miami and Tech? These are all things we have to consider."
Is there still a chance Morelli will commit before his senior season starts?
"Yes, there's a chance of that," his father said. "Committing before his senior year has its benefits and we're weighing those, but schools will start paying for official visits in September and if he hasn't seen the places he wants to see yet, he might take some visits and do things that way. We're going to see what happens."
As a junior, Morelli threw for 1,880 yards and 20 touchdowns. He throws one of the best long balls in recent memory and has a cannon of an arm. He also has excellent mobility and a willingness to stick in the pocket and take a hit to complete a pass.
Morelli also has excellent ball-handling skills and makes his reads quickly. He's an excellent decision maker on the field and a pure leader. Check out his film below.
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