More visits for DeBerry

Many recruits always talk about how they want to try to visit every school that offers them but they rarely are able to see all of them. This task would be very difficult for Ricky DeBerry because the 2015 prospect already has well over 30 offers. If the linebacker from Richmond (Va.) St. Christopher's makes it all of those schools it will be an incredible feat and so far he is keeping his word.
"I just want to give every body a fair shot," said the 6-foot-2, 237-pound DeBerry. "I don't want to count any school out without giving them a chance. I just visited TCU and Baylor. The last few visits before that were Clemson, Georgia and Penn State. It's definitely getting harder for me but it's still fun and I'm enjoying it.
"The two visits to Baylor and TCU were good," he said. "I brought a few friends with me this time. First we visited TCU and talked with some coaches. It's a great place and for the last couple of years their program has been doing very well. They're looking for the next big thing and they want me to join what they are building. There's a possibility that I would get out there for a game to see want the atmosphere is like.

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"The last couple of years Baylor has been doing great," DeBerry said. "They beat Kansas State last season, the number one team in the country, and the last couple of game they were blowing teams out.
"Clemson is a beautiful place," he said. "I know my coach is a big Clemson fan and he's told me so many good things about the place so I had to go see it for myself. When I visited it was phenomenal. Coach Venables was great and the facilities were great also. Overall the place was beautiful and I really enjoyed it.
"Georgia was a great place also," said DeBerry. "Pretty much the entire defense left and that shows just how well the coaches develop their players and get them ready for the NFL. I really like that a lot. I'm an edge rusher so when I talked with Coach Olivadotti he was telling what they did with Jarvis Jones. It was fascinating to hear about what they did with him.
"Penn State was really good also," he said. "I got a chance to sit down with Coach O'Brien in his office and talk a little bit. Coach Johnson and Coach London were great. I also got a chance to talk to Christian Hackenberg and he's recruiting me hard. My mom loved Penn State. She's also been to Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Georgia and Clemson."
Staying true to his promise, DeBerry has more visits coming up.
"I've visiting Vanderbilt on Monday and Tennessee on Tuesday," he said. "We are going to try to make it out to Ohio State and Auburn before the season starts. I probably won't make it out to the west coast this summer but next year I definitely want to get out there. I grew up a USC fan and I've always wanted to get out there and visit them.
"I've never been to Vanderbilt before and I know the academics are very good there," DeBerry said. "I want to go see why so many guys are committing there, build a better relationship with the coaches and see the facilities.
"I went to the Tennessee camp for the past two years but I didn't get to see everything," he said. "I want to get over there to see everything after it has been built. Right now they are the same as everyone else. I know they have one of the top recruiting classes this year."
To say DeBerry is doing his homework is a bit of an understatement and it is too early in the process for him to say there are some schools that are standing out. He did, however, admit that some schools are recruiting him harder than others.
"Virginia and Virginia Tech are definitely recruiting me the hardest because they are hometown teams and I know they want to keep me instate," he said. "Oklahoma and Clemson are recruiting me very hard as well. Those are really the only schools I've been talking to."
DeBerry added an offer from Georgia Tech on Sunday.