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More visits coming for Amerson

A few weeks back, Greensboro (N.C.) Dudley safety David Amerson was planning to make a trip to Notre Dame. The 6-foot-3, 180-pounder didn't make the visit. Does he plan to reschedule and what is next?
"I didn't make it out there, I had a family thing," he said. "I'm trying to reschedule in the next couple weeks.
"I think I'm going to try to get down to Clemson again, to Louisville with a teammate and Virginia Tech. I'm trying to open up my options and see what every school has to offer."
Amerson believes the trip to Notre Dame will be first.
"I'll probably take Notre Dame first, then probably Clemson and I want to visit Virginia Tech," he said. "I think most of them will be this summer. Those are schools I'm really focusing on a lot and I want to explore those as much as possible.
"Mostly, those four with NC State I have a connection with the coaches."
State continues to lead at this point for the four-star prospect.
"Right now NC State leads," he said. "The three times I got to go up there I got to know the players really well and have a good connection with the coaches. My most recent visit I was really impressed and it really moved them up in my category.
"Being around the players, I can really get along with them and they have talked about me playing early. Those are some things I want to hear from a college. I went for three visits and all three times were good. Right now I've seen all I need to of NC State."
Amerson confirmed a top four of Virginia Tech, Clemson, NC State and Notre Dame, but maintains it's close. With more visits coming soon, is a decision possible in the near future?
"I'd like to visit by mid-August when we get close to our games and then if I want to decide I could, if I'm not ready I won't."