More shuffling for Brandon Smith

Few players have been as tough to keep up with regarding where they’re visiting as West Bakersfields (Calif.) Brandon Smith. Smith has been shuffling visits around almost weekly and has done so once again.
Smith, 6-2, 170 pounds is a talented athlete who could play receiver or defensive back in college. Smith was set to visit San Diego State last week but moved it up a couple of weeks to (Dec. 17) and set Washington State for this weekend.
“I forgot I had an all-star game next weekend so I canceled Washington State and moved San Diego State up to this past weekend,” Smith said. “Then I got a call late last week from SDSU saying they were only going to be tripping in Junior College players this weekend so I ended up not visiting anywhere. I still haven’t taken any trips yet but I’ll be taking several in January.”
Smith said the first trip weekend of January (Jan. 7), he’ll visit either Cal or Washington and both have offered. January 14 he’ll visit Arizona and (Jan. 21), he’ll visit Cal or Washington, whichever school he doesn’t visit on the 7th.
“Those are my main three right now,” Smith said. “I dropped SDSU and Washington State since I won’t have time to visit either school. Cal is the only school recruiting me as a corner, the others like me as a receiver. I’m hearing from UCLA too and they told me they’re waiting on senior film and my transcripts to decide what they’re going to do. If they offer me, I’ll definitely take that visit and just bump one of the other three.”