More schools after Marks

LOS ANGELES - Gabriel Marks started to get concerned because his recruitment slowed down around National Signing Day but things have picked back up and more colleges are coming after the Los Angeles Venice wide receiver.
He was arguably the top wide receiver at Saturday's B2G Sports workout and said afterward that UCLA, Michigan, Oregon State and Oregon have all been reaching out in recent weeks.
The 6-foot, 175-pound prospect who was the wide receiver MVP at last spring's Los Angeles NIKE Camp has an offer from SMU.

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"It's picking back up," Marks said. "It was slow for a while. The signing day stuff had nothing to do with my class. I'm happy we're back on the scene and we're getting looked at again. It was a little scary."
UCLA has always been a favorite for Marks, who said he's recently talked with coach Rick Neuheisel and could be going over to Westwood soon to watch a basketball game and check out the campus.
The Bruins are definitely in the running especially now since the coaching staff has gotten involved again.
"I'm pretty happy with UCLA getting back involved because I hadn't heard from them for a while," Marks said.
"I talked to coach Neuheisel the other day and he said they're still looking at me and I'm still on their list. It's good to know they're still coming after me.
"That's one of the best colleges in the country. Besides athletics, it's one of the best schools in the country. It doesn't get much better than UCLA."
Other programs are getting involved, too, and Marks said he's also seriously considering his SMU offer. He loves coach June Jones' offense and is intrigued by the idea that so many receivers are used in the system.
"They throw the ball there," Marks said. "Why wouldn't you go if they throw the ball? They said they have players out there catching 70 passes and getting 1,000 yards.
"That is good to have an offer like that under your belt just to know worst-case scenario, you're going somewhere."