More offers on the way for Jerseys LeGrand

Colonia, N.J. linebacker Eric LeGrand still holds three offers from Virginia, Rutgers and Maryland. Although more offers appear to be coming in the near future according to the 6-foot-3, 240-pounder.
"There are a bunch of schools that seem close to offering," he said. "Syracuse, Connecticut, Florida, Notre Dame, Miami and Duke are all talking about it. I know Duke wants to see my SAT scores, Miami wants more film, Florida and Notre Dame probably will it's just taking a bit of time and the others are mentioning it."
Do any schools lead for the Garden State prospect?
"I'd say everyone is sticking out to me, but I did grow up a fan of Miami. However, I don't think that'll carry over to recruiting. I just liked the way the run their defense. They are hardnosed," he said. "One school I'm interested in is Notre Dame. I went there a couple weeks ago and loved it. The education of course is great and the campus is beautiful. I love the tradition they have, but I'm looking at all the schools."
While the Irish already received a visit, other schools will get trips in the near future.
"I'll be going to Rutgers on Saturday for spring practice," he said. "I'm also going to go to Syracuse to meet the head coach and Connecticut too."
Later this spring, LeGrand plans to attend the Elite College Combine on May 1st.