More offers for Allen

Plenty of schools have already taken notice of Marcus Allen. San Diego State and Clemson are the latest two schools to offer the safety from Upper Marlboro (Md.) Wise.
"I'm very proud that they offered me, it means a lot to me," said the 6-foot-3, 190-pound Allen. "My coach was talking with one of the Clemson coaches at a conference in Pittsburgh and he said they were giving me a full scholarship.
"I don't know a whole lot about Clemson but I'm willing to learn," he said. "I haven't ever been down there but I want to visit.

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"Right now Michigan, Michigan State and Virginia have been talking to me a lot," Allen said. "I think one of them will be the next school to offer me.
It doesn't sound like distance from home will be an issue for Allen.
"I just want to find a school that's best for me and if it is across the country then so be it," he explained.
Allen is still working on his offseason plans.
"My father and I have been going through the calendar and we are going to pick a date during spring break to make some visits but nothing is set in stone right now," said Allen. "I definitely want to visit Georgia Tech, Rutgers, Clemson and Penn State. Those are just a couple of them."
Other notable offers for Allen are Vanderbilt, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest, Maryland, Nebraska, N.C. State, Northwestern and others.