More offers for 2016 OT Menet

Sophomore Michal Menet is already among the most highly coveted recruits in the 2016 class. The offensive lineman from Reading (Pa.) Exeter Township Senior has steadily been adding offers to his resume.
"I don't really know a lot about Nebraska," said the 6-foot-5, 250-pound Menet. "I know they have a good history of offense of lineman there. I've heard they have a really crazy fan base and have a good traditional football there.
"I spoke with coach Beck," he said. "He seems like a really good guy and someone I could get along with. He sounded very passionate about the program and football. I think he could be a good mentor and is an overall good person.
"Maryland was also a recent offer," Menet said. "I don't know much about that program. I talked to Coach Dunn and the head coach."
Not too long ago, Menet took a series of visits to some schools he is very high on.
"One weekend I went to Penn State and then after that I went to Ohio State, Michigan State and Notre Dame," he said. "When I was at Penn State I met the whole new coaching staff. I got a really good feel for Coach Hand and Coach Franklin. Coach Hand seems like a really good guy that really cares about his players' success in football and after football.
"I thought Ohio State's indoor facility was incredible," said Menet. "I feel like they have a real passion for winning up there and that's huge to me.
"Michigan State's weight room was the biggest I've seen yet," he said. "That really stood out to me and made a big impression. Everything I would need is a freshman is within ten minutes of each other. It would make life really easy.
"There is so much tradition at Notre Dame it's ridiculous," Menet said. "Their academics are great as well. I think they have like 8000 students so everything is pretty small and seems more personal. Coach Hiestand said that everything is looking really good for me to get an offer. I'm doing everything I need to do and they just move really slow. If I get an offer a few months from now I'm cool with that. It's not a huge deal to me because I'm not going to make my decision for a long time from now. I'm in no rush."
Menet already has double-digit offers.