More offers come for Moye

Diboll, Texas quarterback/athlete Gilbert Moye is being found again by many school as scholarship offers are starting to roll in now.
Playing at Jasper (Texas) High School before Hurricane Rita, the 6-foot-2, 200-pounder moved himself to Diboll after his home was destroyed. Because of a UIL ruling, he's had to participate in only junior varsity sports at Diboll until the third week of his senior season. While working out in the spring and waiting for that debut, he's got two new offers in hand that he's thinking about.
"I've got some new ones from Texas A&M and Missouri," Moye said. "The coaches actually came by and they told my coach that they had already offered. That didn't surprise me since a lot of mail that I get goes elsewhere since I moved.
"I didn't even know about."
Moye had Texas at the top since making a visit to Austin for their second junior day. However, the Horns appear to be waiting on several things including the completion of his ACT before talking about an offer.
That has opened things up.
"I had Texas at the top, but I kind of want to just look around," Moye said. "It's going good. I'm enjoying all the interest and that's really all I can say right now."
As for other visits, Moye hasn't quite thought about where he'll go next. His plans include two in-state schools as possibilities.
"I was going to head up to Texas Tech not this weekend, but the next," Moye said. "I'm hoping to get out to A&M too. They're sounding good to me right now too."
Moye says that all teams recruiting him will give him a look at quarterback, but also as an athlete. The talented Lone Star prospect doesn't mind as long as he gets to play.
"I'm willing to play anywhere," he said. "I keep telling everybody that so they know."
Moye wants to make a decision after this senior football season.