Moore talks UCLA, recruiting

While hosting an event at Wilmington (Calif.) L.A. Habor JC on Tuesday, we bumped in to Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey defensive back Rahim Moore who was there to support some of his teammates. We caught up with Moore who gave us the latest on where he plans to visit and his feelings on UCLA.
Moore, a 6-1, 185 pound safety who could play corner in college, is one of the most well spoken and impressive young men we've talked to this year. You just don't see too many high profile athletes who are as grounded and engaging as Moore and he definitely has his head screwed on the right way.
"You know, I'm just extremely blessed to be in the position I'm in," Moore said. "It was always a dream of mine to just have one school interested in me and to have the options I now have, I'm just thankful to God and my family.
"In regards to UCLA, yeah I'm still solid and I'm looking forward to my visit this weekend. It has kind of been frustrating for me because one of the reasons I committed so early was to end the recruiting process and now I'm having to go through it all over again.
"I have all these colleges calling me and I'm thinking, 'where have they been all year.' UCLA was the first school to recruit me when I was a sophomore and for me, it's all about relationships. I know all those coaches so well and it's like a family. I spent so much time on UCLA's campus and got to know not just the football people but the academic people as well, it was an easy decision for me to commit there because it felt like a second home.
"I had already talked with Coach Walker about how he was going to use me. I really want to stay at safety, I love playing that centerfield position but he told me he could also use me at corner in some situations to cover a slot receiver and wanted to move me all over the field.
"Now with Coach Dorrell gone, I'm not sure what is going to happen. I hope they keep Coach Walker, he's the interm coach now and Coach Scott is a coach I've known for a long time as well. UCLA is definitely my first choice but I still need to take some other trips in case I need a fallback option.
"I've already been to Georgia and Arizona State and I'm looking at visiting Texas, Florida or Florida State as well. I'll take all five but I wanted to take my visits regardless of the coaching situation. Right now, I'm just going to see how things play and trust that God will find the best place for me."