Moore getting down to visit business

When you've got the kind of offers that Midwest City, Okla., cornerback/athlete LaRon Moore does, it's not going to take long to start setting up official visits in hopes of narrowing things down some. Two of those are all set for the three-star rated prospect.
The first two trips in the books are Notre Dame for Oct. 15 and Stanford for Oct. 22. With offers from those two schools along with Iowa State, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, and Stanford, several more will be taken. For now, the No. 5 rated player in the state wanted to get those in the books.
"I'm very interested in both schools, but I just haven't seen the campuses or the players," Moore said. "All the other places I've seen and been there. Those two I want to see in person like the others. The other one I'm working on will be Nebraska. I've got two other spots I'm working on right now."

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Though Moore says the plan is to decide after all visits, there is a small chance he could decide on a very good official visit if things come to that.
"It may happen, but I really want to try and take all five," Moore said. "When I get on these trips I'll look at the chemistry of the players and that will be huge with me. Most of all it's about if you fit in best with the program and the atmosphere since you'll be there for up to five years of your life."
The No. 32 rated cornerback in the country is just trying to handle how hectic everything has been with the season started. As his senior season rolls on, Moore is just trying to keep his head above water with all the constant attention.
LaRon Moore VideoClick "It's been crazy right now," Moore said. "I even had my phone shut down for a while but it was still pretty big with all the schools calling and stuff."Here to view this Link.