Moore evaluating options

Cedar Hill (Texas) three-star linebacker Richard Moore was a leader for the Horns defense as they captured the 5A Division II state championship in 2013. He picked up his first offer from Baylor towards the end of the playoffs, and he has since seen his recruiting process take off with offers coming in from the likes of Missouri, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and TCU.
It has been a wild process already for the 6-foot-2, 195-pound defender, and now he is looking closely at his options.
"Right now, I'm just trying to look at all the schools and evaluate them and see where I would fit at," Moore said. "So I'm really kind of new to the whole process. I just picked up my first offer late in the playoffs and everything has been rolling since then. So I'm just really trying to take it kind of slow and evaluate every school like I said and try to pick out the schools that are showing me the most interest and then I still have to visit those schools too. So that's what I've been doing lately."

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Moore has already taken a few visits with stops at Baylor, Texas A&M, TCU, and Oklahoma State.
"My first one this year I went to Baylor, and it was everything I thought it was. It was great. It was awesome. Baylor was fun," Moore said. "The other place I went to was A&M and A&M was awesome too. I liked A&M a lot. And that was Friday Night Lights so you know everything was just jumping and then I got offered that day so that day was perfect for me. That was a great day for me. I also went to OSU too. I went out to OSU and I had a great time out there too. So those are the places I've been."
This summer Moore plans to hit the road and check out a few more of his college options. He hopes to be able to visit and get a better feel for his options as he looks to narrow his options.
"Some of those schools are schools that are a little further out like probably Iowa…Iowa is the only one I'm thinking about far out," Moore said. "I can't really just name any off the top of my head. But if I get an offer from like a Florida school or like Notre Dame or something I'll be sure to take one up there too."
As he looks at his options he is hesitant to name leaders, but he does have a few schools who have caught his attention.
"Just showing me the attention-wise, yes, some of those are standing out because I haven't taken many visits so I can't just pick out individual schools because I haven't been there a lot," Moore said. "But schools who have been showing me a lot of interest like A&M, Baylor, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma State…those are just a few. TCU. Texas Tech. Those are just a few on me really hard every day so I look at that a lot too and evaluate it.
What have they done to catch his attention?
"They're sending me lots of mail," Moore said. "They're getting at me on Twitter. I'm just talking to the linebacker coaches a lot. That's who I should be talking to, linebacker coaches, because those are the people who are going to be coaching me and I'm just seeing what their interests are for me. So that's what I've been doing."
As he has gotten to know some of those linebacker coaches, he has began to build some strong relationships.
"Yeah, coach Hagen from A&M. He's great. Coach Hagen is great. He's pretty new to A&M, but he has great schemes that he's doing," Moore said. "And coach Woods from Iowa. You know he played in the League. Then the other coach, coach Reed, he's coached over 40 years I think, so he has a lot of experience. They both have a lot of experience put together. Coach Wally at Texas Tech, I talk to him. Coach Spencer at OSU, he's great too. Coach Gush at Baylor, he's always on me. He's on me hard. Those are some pretty good coaches."
So at this point in the process, does he have an idea about when he would like to make his decision?
"I get asked that, but if I feel like I want to commit tomorrow then I'm just going to jump out and do it," Moore said. "If I get that feeling. But I may wait until Signing Day. I just don't know. I just have to get that feeling to where everything is all in sync and this is what I want to do."
While he is still up in the air about when he would like to decide, he does know what he is looking for in a future college program.
"They have a winning tradition. Something like here in Cedar Hill, a winning tradition," Moore said. "Somewhere when I go I feel happy and that's really all that matters to me. People talk about playing time but if you're that good you're going to play and that's what I feel like. I'm going to play wherever I go so I just have to go somewhere I feel total happiness and I don't want to always think what if I went here or what if I went there. So that's really what I'm thinking about. And also academics. I want to be a doctor so medical school."