Moore building bonds with teammates

SPARTANBURG, S.C. - It's not a terribly far trip when you're selected to a prestigious all-star game like the Shrine Bowl and it's taking place in your hometown. That is what it's been like for Spartanburg (S.C.) Broome athlete D.J. Moore has he's been impressing people all week at practice.
Moore, a Vanderbilt commit who usually lines up at the cornerback position, has been playing wide receiver all week and is expected to line up there during Saturday's game. However, the 5-foot-10, 175-pound player is excelling all over and getting to know future teammates like Vandy pledge Steven Goulet.
"It's good bonding with everyone, especially the people going to Vanderbilt with me," Moore said. "Steven and I have been talking. Everybody talks about that kind of stuff when you're down here. It's an honor though to be in this."

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Moore says it's also nice talking with Goulet about their college choice and why they're still solid on their commitment to Vanderbilt.
"I mean, with football they're playing in the best conference in the nation," Moore said. "Academically, they're ranked among the top schools in the country. So, if I happen to get hurt, I can fall back on a good education."
While college coaches have been littered across the sidelines of the Shrine Bowl practices, Moore says that from what he doesn't know of anything new developing on his recruitment.
"I haven't got any new offers that I know of," he said. "I'm solid anyway on my commitment."