Moody not far from a decision

What a ride it has been for Coppell, Texas running back Emmanuel Moody who was once committed to the in-state Longhorns for a very long time. A desire to check out Southern Cal made the four-star rated Rivals100 member rethink his decision and eventually de-commit.
Today, the No. 7 rated running back in the nation is now looking at two schools for the most part in Miami and USC. While the Trojans have received the first official visit on Sept. 16, the Hurricanes will get their chance on Dec. 16. Between now and the time that Moody checks out Miami, he looks back on a hectic recruiting process.
"It gets to me every now and then," Moody said about the process. "The good thing is that I'm keeping things down to Miami and USC. I've always been fond of USC since I was a freshman in high school. Texas grew on me since I lived in the state. I'm originally from Florida though, so I didn't have the ties that some other kids here did."

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"Miami sends a lot of running backs to the league and is a great program. When I went out to see the Trojans, I just felt a level of comfort that was hard to compare. I'm looking to see what Miami offers me on this next trip with an open mind going in."
Moody says he is not even close to nailing down an exact date for a decision, but around two weeks after his trip to Miami, he'll decide.
"In the beginning, I was thinking about whatever school shows me the most love," Moody said. "Later on, I started evaluating things more and it became more about a comfort level for me and where I could see myself living for four years."
"Second, it's about the comfort level with the coaches."
Moody says even though since he ended his commitment to UT, he still remembers one thing about his former team.
"I got a little bit of heat from the fans about not going to Texas, but you can also tell just how great their fans are and how much they love their team," Moody said about the Longhorns. "That's one thing Texas has and that I've learned – they really have true fans that live and die by their team."
"I'm just trying to make the best decision for me that I can make."