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Moms approval helps Jones

Walter Jones was already set on Oregon State and this weekend he got mom's approval so the Redlands, Calif., athlete is even more sold on the Beavers.
The 6-foot-1, 173-pound prospect took his one and only official visit to Oregon State, met with the coaches, toured the campus and watched the Beavers upend Arizona State on Saturday night.
It was a great trip for Jones, who said Oregon State is his future home for sure.
"The trip went great," Jones said. "It was a great game. We got to talk to all the coaches. I went up there before for an unofficial but my mom came with me this time. I got mom's approval this time so I'm good.
"It was great because my mom is going to be a little sad, a little nervous when I leave so it's kind of like good for my mom not to be stressed out. This is where I'm going to eat and this is where I'm going to stay and I'm going to be safe so all those questions got answered. It was really nice."
During the visit, Jones got an opportunity to talk more extensively with coach Mike Riley and wide receivers coach Brent Brennan to get a more complete understanding of his future with the team. He even got a chance to meet with Oregon State's track coach since Jones plans to play both sports.
Everything went smoothly.
"I talked to coach Riley about it and he said I could do both sports so that's exciting," Jones said. "I talked to coach Brennan to see what he expects from his receivers and what he likes to do. I got to see the new academic center and that was really nice. It was brand new. I saw all the facilities, talked to all the coaches so it was great.
"I'm super excited. I wish I was going up there for the Civil War so I could see it but I'll be watching on TV. It's really exciting to know I'm going to a school that's doing really well in football and it seems like there's no turning back. They're going to keep competing so that's exciting.
"I'm 100 percent committed to Oregon State. I'm not taking any other visits."