Molk excited about playing center in Ann Arbor

ORLANDO, Fla. - Michigan commitment David Molk is getting reps at the position he will play in Ann Arbor for the Wolverines. Molk is going to start at center for the East team at the East Meets West All-American Bowl on Saturday and he feels more comfortable every day.
"The first day out here was a little tough because this is the first time I have played center and snapped since my freshman year," said Molk. "After the first snap on the second day, things have gotten easier."
Center will be the position Molk plays in the Big House.

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"I have been playing guard, but I will be playing center at Michigan. I have been working hard here this week and I have learned how to snap to the quarterback in shot-gun. I have never done that before, but things have gone pretty good."
After a week of practice, Molk is ready for game-day.
"I couldn't be more excited about it," he said. "I am really wanting to go out there and prove myself to everyone. I want to show everyone that I am ready."
Molk showed up at practice this week wearing an Iowa Hawkeye jersey, but the Michigan fans have nothing to worry about.
"If Michigan would have given me a practice jersey, then I would have worn it, but this was the only one I had. I am one-hundred percent committed to Michigan and I am very happy with my decision."
He couldn't be more excited about being a Wolverine.
"I am so ready," Molk said. "I think high school is really a waste of time now and I am ready to get to Michigan. I wish I would have graduated early. I just want to leave and get started."