Moline looking for love

It has to be frustrating to be Mission Viejo (Calif.) two way lineman Chase Moline. Ask any of the Diablo coaches who the teams best lineman is on either side of the ball is and they’ll say it’s Moline and it’s not even close. Yet Moline is barely getting a sniff recruiting wise while three of his lineman teammates have already committed to big name programs.
Moline is your classic tweener. At 6-1, 245 pounds, colleges have shied away from him feeling he’s just too small to be an impact college player. He’s a three year starter for the Diablos at defensive tackle and offensive guard and draws raves from coaches and teammates a like.
“He’s by far our best lineman on both sides of the ball,” Diablo head coach Bob Johnson said. “I have no doubt he could play in college. All he needs is for someone to give him a chance. He’s such a tough kid and so strong and he knows how to play the game.”

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Diablo quarterback Mark Sanchez echoed that statement.
“He’s an incredible player, maybe the best player on the team,” Sanchez said. “You feel real safe when he’s blocking for you because no one can beat him. He’s also the guy we run behind and is our best run and pass blocker.”
On the offensive line, Kevin Bemoll has committed to Ohio State. On the other side of the line, rush ends Ryan Williams (Ohio State) and Nick Reed (Oregon) had multiple scholarship offers before making their college decision.
“He’ll go somewhere, he’s too good not to,” Diablo defensive coordinator Marty Michelson said. “He would be the first guy I would take off our defense, he’s an incredible player. Unfortunately schools are scared by his size but he’ll get bigger and shoot, you can’t block him, how can someone not want that guy.”
Moline said he’s a little frustrated but is taking everything in stride.
“yeah, it’s pretty frustrating at times but I think I’ll wind up somewhere,” Moline said. “I’m hearing from a few schools right now although no one has offered me yet. San Diego State, Wyoming, Nevada, Navy and recently UCLA. I went to the UCLA- San Diego State game last weekend and had a good time. They beat them up pretty good and have an up and coming team. The coaches were really cool with me and that would definitely be my top choice if I could pick anywhere to go to.”
Another wrinkle in Moline’s recruitment is his strong relationship with his younger brother Chane, who although just a junior, is arguably the top fullback prospect in the West right now.
“We would love to play together in college,” Moline said. “That’s something we’ve talked a little bit about but it’s kind of a long ways off, especially for him. He’ll be recruited by everyone probably. I’m just hoping things work out for me right now. All the schools recruiting me have said once my season is over and they have more of a chance to evaluate me, I’ll likely get an offer so hopefully that’s what happens.”