Moline back from UCLA

When we talked with Mission Viejo (Calif.) two-way lineman Chase Moline a week ago during the CaliFlorida Bowl practices, he mentioned a few schools that were recruiting. He did not mention UCLA but after a strong week of practices and a strong showing in the game, Moline was offered an official visit this past weekend and had a good time on his trip.
"It happened pretty fast," Moline said. "I was supposed to visit San Diego State this past weekend but they pulled out saying they didn't have room for me. Then, Coach Kerr from UCLA called and said they wanted me to visit this weekend and asked if I was interested.
Moline impressed some of his California teammates.

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"Apparently, some of the California players from the game that were going to UCLA called up the coaches and told them about me and Coach (Larry) Kerr said he also watched the game and was impressed with how I played," Moline said. "My high school coach, coach (Bob) Johnson also talked to UCLA about me and pushed me hard so they offered me a visit.
So how was his trip to Los Angeles?
"The trip was cool and I really like UCLA a lot," Moline said. "They offered me as a greyshirt with the possibility of coming in during the fall depending on what happens with a couple of other players they're waiting on. If they fill those last couple of slots, I would be a grey shirt which isn't a bad thing for me. It would allow me extra time to get bigger and stronger and plus I would have an extra half year of my scholarship paid for."
Despite the offer, Moline is keeping his options open.
"Before I left, I talked to Coach Dorrell and he told me he didn't want me to make any decisions until my visit to Boise State next weekend," Moline said. "Boise State hasn't offered me yet but said they would on the visit. If I had to choose between Boise State and grey shirting at UCLA, it would be tough but I would probably choose UCLA. It's close to home and I really like them a lot right now."