Moeaki talks about BYU official visit

Wheaton (Ill.) South four star ranked tight end prospect Anthony Moeaki (6-foot-4, 250 pounds) spent last weekend on his first official visit in Provo, Utah at Brigham Young University, and Moeaki talks about his BYU experience.
“I would say that my official visit went very, very well," Anthony Moeaki said. “I'm very familiar with the school as well as with the campus and the facilities at BYU since my two brothers played for the Cougars, yet I also enjoyed getting the full blown treatment as well as getting an inside look at the football program."
Moeaki walked us through his official visit.
"I left for Provo early Saturday morning and I arrived in Utah around 10AM and I didn't return back home until around 10:30PM on Sunday evening. On Saturday, I spent time with two other recruits on their official visits from San Diego. We went to dinner as well as being able to hang out in the football offices. The coaches showed us some video highlight tapes, then we went over for the game against USC."
"It was a really good game against USC until the 3rd quarter fumble really cost BYU, things sort of went downhill after that. I was really impressed with Reggie Bush from USC, he's one heck of a player for USC. I was still really happy that I took my official visit to see the USC game, because I wanted to experience a big game day atmosphere at BYU. I was able to get on the field during warm-ups as well as getting to check out the locker room after the game. I also was able to go to the game with my two brothers, which was great because I don't get to see them that often since they live in Utah."
Moeaki wrapped up his official visit on Sunday and left Provo with a very positive experience.
"I was able to go to breakfast with both head coach Gary Crowton and some of the assistant coaches on Sunday morning, and I had a chance to talk with the coaches in detail at breakfast. After breakfast I took a full campus tour then just hung out at the indoor athletic facility before I left for the airport."
"On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, I would rate my official visit to BUY as an 8 1/2 or a 9 overall. I was able to experience a big game at BYU, plus I was able to check out everything about the BYU program up close. I was treated very, very well by the BYU staff and it seemed like they kept throwing food at me all weekend long."
In the meantime, Moeaki is still on target to make all five official visits.
"I'm still planning to take my official visits, and I'm looking at taking all five visits before I make my final decision. I know that I won't take another official visit until after my season is over with, and most of the colleges want me to set official dates with them soon. Iowa is really pushing me hard to make my official visit to them in early December, but I just don't know yet who or when I'll make my final four visits just yet. I hope to have the dates and visits sorted out soon."