Mister, mister

ALDINE, Texas - Three-star safety Mister Alexander has had a laundry list of colleges pursuing him ever since his junior season. The 6-foot-2, 183-pounder has a mean streak on the field and a big hitting mentality that has given him offers, but now he's gotten consistent about his favorites.
Iowa, Ohio State, and North Carolina are just a few of the teams that have offered. However, Alexander is listing four teams at the top with a clear leader. That leader is the one team that has not offered just yet.
"Florida State is the favorite and then behind that is Iowa, Ohio State, and LSU," Alexander said. "I'm just real high on them. To me it's the best school out there and I have watched their program for so long."
"If I keep doing what I'm doing out there then I think they'll come through with an offer."
What he has been doing is making huge hits on the field. Though his team lost their season opening game to A&M Consolidated High School, there was a big moment that put his team on their feet on the sidelines.
"Well, I put an offensive lineman out of the game," Alexander said. "They were running a sweep to my side and they pitched it out to my side, I came up to bust up a block and put him on his back. I guess you could say I'm an aggressive safety."
Coach Daryl Thipps would go as far as saying this young prospect could be a future star at the professional level.
"We watched film of the game and I was driving home after that, I thought to myself he's an NFL free safety," Thipps said about Alexander. "He leveled people all night. He just had a great ball game I think he had 10 solos in the first quarter alone. That's how he plays."
That playing style gives his coach the impression that the Seminoles may not be too far away from offering.
"He'll head out of state for sure and FSU seems real interested," Thipps said. "If they offer, that's probably where he'll head."
With two losses many teams would start to feel down but Alexander will surely be there to pick up the slack with his leadership mentality.
"There are no really stat goals," Alexander said. "I just want to stop everybody that comes my way and get every pick that comes my way."
Alexander is listed as the No. 20 safety in the country and the No. 43 rated prospect in the state of Texas.