Mississippi trigger-man ready for showdown

MOBILE, Ala. – Since 2001, Alabama has won every meeting in the Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Classic except for one. The past two matchups have not been close. This time around all eyes will be on Bret Jefcoat out of Fulton, Mississippi to help end an embarrassing streak for the best Mississippi has to offer.
Jefcoat, to his credit, looks poised to do his part. The 6-foot-1 quarterback has looked sharp in practice all week. He has displayed the arm to make all of the necessary throws and has showed good accuracy in what looks to be a wide open offense. While Jefcoat has enjoyed the week, he is serious about getting the win for his state.
"I know they've dominated us the last four or five years," Jefcoat said. "Some of our players weren't there. They changed it to December instead of playing in the summer or whenever it was and I think that is going to be the difference for us."
Despite a roster on the Alabama side that features two five-star prospects and some of the best players in the nation at their respective positions, Jefcoat is confident in the players lining up beside him.
"I really think we've got better athletes than they do," he said. "They've got some great athletes, I know they do. We've had it in our heads that they've beat us the past few years but all the players we wanted to play in this game we got them all here and I think that's a big plus."
Jefcoat has been like a kid in a candy store this week due to the talent around him on offense including 6-foot-6 wide receiver DeAndre Brown.
"It's been awesome," he said. "They make it easier on you. They're great players and they make you better. I make them better too and everything just works out good. Playing with these great players gets you ready for playing against thest guys at the next level and just meeting new guys that are great athletes has been fun."
Despite the presence of Brown on his roster of receivers, Jefcoat has been very impressed with his other targets as well. Alonzo Lawrence, Chris Lofton and Simmie Yarborough are all players that Jefcoat noted have impressed him. It is a good thing that the group is in sync because they will get a challenge from a highly-touted defense on the Alabama side.
If Jefcoat has the kind of day on Monday night that he has had every day in practice, the Louisiana Tech commit may gain some more interest on the recruiting trail. Jefcoat has considered the scenario.
"The game could be good for getting noticed more," he said. "There are a lot of scouts that will be looking at other players so they'll see all the other guys. That's another thing about this classic game."
Jefcoat, whose father played football at Ole Miss, claims that he is firm in his commitment to Louisiana Tech but he is still open to other options, two in particular.
"I'll talk to other schools if they offer me," he said. "I'm still getting recruited by Arkansas State. They offered me. I'm still getting letters but other than Arkansas State and Louisiana Tech, that's about it."
Would any offers in particular pique his interest?
"Ole Miss and Mississippi State," he said.
Fitting interests for the Mississippi trigger-man.