Millers ability stands out at Crab Bowl

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. – At the first practice of the Crab Bowl, some of the big stars shined and a few of the under-the-radar players stepped out of the shadows. One from the latter category was Baltimore (Md.) Dunbar defensive end Horace Miller.
At only 6-1, 205 pounds, it is easy to see why Miller has been overlooked by many of the big name schools but with his impact on the field Wednesday, it's easy to see why many more schools may sweep in and take a chance on a player with loads of upside.
"Today was great," Miller said after practice. "I showed what I could do. They were definitely impressed already. I doubt if they even knew me from Easter Tech cause I think he was the one coaching the line on the defense. I definitely wanted to show my speed and show my pass rush."
Tough to block all evening long, Miller definitely displayed his athleticism and get-off but he has more in store for later in the week.
"I don't want them to think I can't protect the run," he said. "Cause you know with 133 tackles, you don't get just sacks for that, so I can protect the run and the pass. I'm gonna let them know about the run tomorrow. They already definitely know about the pass today."
A confident Miller also intends on letting the D.C. all-star squad know about his abilities on Saturday as well. After a productive season getting to the quarterback, he has some bold predictions for his performance in the Crab Bowl.
"My main strength is defense," he said. "That's what I play. With 29 sacks – and I expect to get at least three in this game because that's all they're going to be doing is throwing – I'm definitely going to be heard with my sacks."
Though Miller is relatively low on the recruiting radar, one school has gotten in him early, UNLV. Miller is committed to the Running Rebels but made it clear that he is still looking around.
"It's a soft commitment," he said. "I want it to be known. UNLV is definitely my number one. They're showing me the most interest. They were there from day one. They were my first scholarship so since they're showing me the most interest I'm showing them the most interest as well.
"I went there on a visit and had a good time. I met with the coaches. I already knew Coach Patterson. He was the first coach I had been talking to and he stayed along with me. He has a really good resume. He coached in the NFL for 10 years so he knows his stuff."
Central Michigan and Syracuse are two schools that Miller is gaining interest from and though UNLV is still on top, his play on the field may bring some competition for his signature.
"A lot of other colleges probably don' know about me and the ones that do, they look at my size and say, he can't play defensive end because he's not big enough. But [Coach Patterson] sticks with me. I'm going to get my senior highlights out there and then a lot of big schools, they're going to start looking. UNLV is definitely my number one but I'm going to let it be known that I'm out there in my recruitment."
If all goes well, this weekend should go a long way in getting Miller's name out to schools.
"I really just want everybody to know about Horace Miller."