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Miller catches five offers

Washington (Pa.) Trinity tight end Andy Miller has received a handful of offers in just the last few weeks.
The 6-foot-6, 249-pounder picked up offers from Indiana, Eastern Michigan, North Carolina State, Toledo and Marshall.
"Eastern Michigan was the one that drew first blood and I'm pretty interested in their school," he said. "The one thing that North Carolina State has going for it is they have a good football team, great academics and a great area with warm weather. From all four of these schools, I'm very impressed with their coaches; they seem to be looking out for your best interest which is important to me."
Besides offers, Miller is also receiving a lot of mail from Louisville, Illinois, Pittsburgh, West Virginia and Cincinnati.
"I'm pretty interested in Pittsburgh not only because I am from this area, but I think coach Wannstedt is going to have a great team and program. They have the best of the best as far as recruiting and playing in an NFL stadium. I was really impressed with coach Junko because he's a hometown guy, he went to my high school and I can relate to him."
Though Miller can't yet name a single school as a favorite, his top choices are all within a close proximity to his hometown. "I would say that Indiana, North Carolina State, Eastern Michigan, Toledo, Illinois, Louisville, Akron and Pittsburgh would be my leaders," Miller said. "Those are schools I'm definitely interested in and they are all within driving distance."
When the time comes to narrow his choices, Miller wants a university that offers an exciting atmosphere.
"I definitely want a school with a good football program and one with the whole sports atmosphere," he said. "Schools like Louisville and Pittsburgh that are good in football and basketball and they have a good sports background. I'm also obviously looking for academics and then also maybe where I want to live after college. Overall, I'm looking for athletics, academics and the opportunity coming out of the school in case I don't continue my career in football."
This summer Miller plans to take in summer camps at Pittsburgh and West Virginia. He is also looking at possibly stopping by Akron.
As for a decision, the tight end isn't sure quite yet.
"I want to make sure everything is out there on the table," he said. "I want to be able to show what I can do my senior year, so I think that year can only help me, but if it comes to crunch time maybe I will make it earlier."
Miller's position also is an uncertainty. Most schools are looking at him as a tight end, but some are looking at him as an offensive tackle.
"I've told this to a lot of coaches. I'm more familiar with tight end and that's the position I'm used to," he said. "Although I've got no problem jumping into offensive tackle. I'm open to that and I don't think that'll change my decision too much."
Miller posted 15 receptions for 200 yards and two touchdowns last year. He was also named honorable mention all-district in basketball where he averaged 10-points per game.