Midland Lee becoming second home for AM

The landscape of West Texas is without a doubt vastly different from the big city environment of a Dallas or Houston. Regardless schools like Midland (Texas) Lee that are without a dense population are proof that the Lone Star State has talent from border to border.
Texas A&M is one school taking notice of the prestigious high school which has ushered out nationally recruited prospects and state championship teams over the past several years. The Aggies’ continued success on both the football field and in recruiting wars with the likes of Oklahoma and Texas have a lot to do with talent out of high schools such as Lee.
Lee quarterback Jamie McCoy and defensive back Chevar Bryson are both oral commits for the Aggies in the 2005 class. Texas A&M also has a 2006 verbal commitment in current junior running back Trent Hines, who could be one of the best tailbacks Lee has had in quite some time.

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Lee head football coach Randy Quisenberry gives plenty of reasons why his three players will add to the continued recruiting success of Texas A&M and its program.
“The first thing that comes to mind with Chevar is speed, he is extremely fast,” Quisenberry said. “He’s very competitive and hard nosed, but I think what caught the eye of A&M was his speed to play the cover corner spot.
“Jamie is a special kid with a lot of athleticism and great football speed. He’s got great size and (is) not close to being as good as he could be. Then Trent is a hard worker who has been in the weight room everyday since we ended our season and he can play in a lot of offenses.”
One key to effective recruiting is bringing in players that fit the system. Quisenberry says there is definitely a comparison to his quarterback in McCoy to current Aggie quarterback and former five-star Lufkin, Texas, recruit Reggie McNeal.
“They’re very similar to each other,” Quisenberry said. “I think Reggie obviously was a quarterback all along which gave him an edge going in as far as knowing what to do and how to do it. Jamie is a quick study though and even if it doesn’t work out he’s a great athlete who could be a great safety or receiver.”
Though the current 2005 and 2006 classes for Texas A&M already hold three Lee High School prospects, Quisenberry does not see a hard connection between his program and that of the Aggies.
“I don’t necessary have a connection to anybody there, but I think it is a deal where they get on these kids quick,” he said.
“They jumped on Jamie quick and he liked what he saw there. Chevar felt comfortable knowing his teammate was there and then Trent knew two of his partners would be there – it kind of snowballs sometimes.”
Defensive backs coach Chris Thurmond is one of the main Texas A&M staff members recruiting the west Texas region and Quisenberry says his diligence is a big part of current success for the Aggies in landing top-notch prospects.
“I think coach Thrumond and those guys are really thorough coming out in the spring and really spending some time checking out all these kids,” he said. “They did a good job staying on these guys. Especially kids like Jamie where there isn’t a whole lot of background. Some people shied away, but they stayed on him.”