Michigan stands out for McDowell

Detroit (Mich.) Loyola four-star defensive end Malik McDowell made his way over to Michigan for their BBQ at the Big House event on Sunday. His father, who accompanied Malik to Ann Arbor, shared his thoughts on the visit.
"I though the trip was excellent," Greg McDowell said. "It was my first time being at the BBQ [event] and we had time to tour the academic facility. I was real high on that part of Michigan. Everything they have to offer as far as his education was big. I was really impressed."
Besides his father, McDowell was joined on the visit to Michigan by his mother and two of his uncles. The BBQ event gave them all time to interact with the Michigan coaching staff, including head coach Brady Hoke.

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"I am really impressed with Brady," Greg McDowell said. "He is real down-to-earth, as is the whole staff. We got to talk to Fred [Jackson], [Greg] Matteson and they welcomed us in.
"My son, he enjoyed it and was really pleased with getting a chance to talk with Brady. They were wondering which way we were going to go, and Malik let them know he was going to announce at the Army All-American Game."
Schools like Alabama, Florida State, LSU, Michigan State, Ohio State, Oregon and USC are all in contention for McDowell's services and the Rivals100 prospect plans to take all five of his official visits, but after Sunday's visit to Ann Arbor, Michigan has the most enviable position on his list.
"Michigan is right there," Greg McDowell said. "For me, I would love for him to go there, but ultimately it is his decision. I know one thing… Michigan is the team to beat."
The 6-foot-6, 290-pound McDowell also felt the love reciprocated from the Michigan coach, according to his father.
"He is my son, so I see his potential and believe he can amass great heights, and I believe they see the same thing," Greg McDowell said. "They really want him to be a part of that Team 136, and want him to be part of that U of M family bad. All of them have expressed how bad they want him up there."
McDowell has not yet scheduled any of his official visits, but is expected to take them to out-of-state schools. Michigan and fellow in-state Big Ten member Michigan State are the two schools he has visited most thus far in the recruiting process, and are likely to receive unofficial, game day visits in the fall.