Michigan projects Williams to offense

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Four-star linebacker Reagan Williams of Jackson, Ohio has seen the communication with Michigan noticeably pick up in recent months, so on Saturday he made his way to Ann Arbor for a spring practice.
"It was good to get a chance to get up to the campus again since it's been awhile since I've been there," Williams said. "I have been in contact with them a lot. They said they'd seen my film and I was one of the best tight ends out there."
The talk about tight end is a new development in Williams' recruitment. Other teams have noted the 6-foot-2, 235-pounder's versatility and ability to play both sides of the football in high school, but Michigan is the first to recruit him primarily for offense.
"They said I was one of the best blocking tight ends out there for sure," Williams said. "They said they couldn't really see my pass-catching skills because we don't pass it that much, but they said they really liked what I was and where I was at."
The talk of playing tight end has not dampened Williams' enthusiasm for the Wolverines and following this weekend's visit he is excited to see where the future of this recruitment goes.
"Michigan is a storied program. The tradition is unrivaled by just about anybody out there," Williams said. "I definitely have interest in them and definitely want to continue to pursue them.
"I just want to play somewhere I am going to win, ultimately prosper and be successful. Whether a team believes that's going to be on the offensive side of the ball at tight end or at linebacker, it's a challenge that is going to be accepted by me if I choose to go there."
Prior to seeing Michigan, Williams made unofficial visits to Purdue and Indiana in the same weekend. Both schools have offered him a scholarship.
"Those staffs are both amazing," Williams said. "Starting with Purdue, Coach [Darrell] Hazell has a mystique about him a lot like Jim Tressel. It's nice to be around him and he's really a great coach as is Coach [Marcus] Freeman. Indiana has the pieces in place to make a big run this year and be big players in the Big Ten. I can definitely tell by watching their practice they are ready to come back around."
Williams will kick off his spring by visiting three schools in as many weekends. This upcoming Saturday he will head down to Vanderbilt followed by a trip to Michigan State on March 29 and Nebraska on April 5.
"The visits are a good way to see everything, talk to the coaches and feel them out," Williams said. "Right now it's all pretty much open and I am just accepting the avenues I am taking."
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