Michigan offers one of Georgias best

As one of the top all-around athletes in the state of Georgia, Donavan Tate is naturally a popular young man among college football coaches. With the ability to play a number of positions on the field, Tate can fill needs for almost any program.
At the University of Michigan, the need is quarterback and head coach Rich Rodriguez offered Tate to take over running his spread option attack. Because of his athleticism, Tate would be a perfect fit for the offense and the opportunity isn't lost on him.
"If I want to play quarterback, that would be the top school that I would go to," Tate said. "They came into the picture because I think that would be a good offense to run if I went there."

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Though the offense is appealing, Tate, who has starred at safety for his team, is not a player that is set on playing one specific position in college.
"It doesn't matter where I play," he said. "I'm not saying that I definitely want to play quarterback. I'm not going to pick one or the other, it's really based on the school and baseball. Either position, it doesn't matter."
Baseball is not a minor factor. Tate is one of the top baseball prospects in the country and would be a huge addition to any baseball program, assuming the Major Leagues don't get him first. Consequently, Tate is taking into account all of the baseball programs at the schools recruiting him and taking his time with his decision.
"That's why I'm keeping my options open," he said. "I'm not narrowing it down to a certain five. I'm not limiting myself and not making any decisions until February."
Tate is currently involved in his high school baseball season where he has high expectations.
"We should win the state championship," he said, then corrected himself quickly. "We're going to win the state championship."
Tate will have a busy spring and summer ahead of him between football camps, visits and baseball. However he does hope to get up to see the Michigan campus at some point.
"I've never actually been to Michigan," he said. "I heard that they have a really nice stadium and the campus is good. Me and my mom might try to go there in a couple weeks."