Miami Northwestern star lands first offer

With a 2010 signing class bolstered by big-time prospects from the Miami-Dade area such as Jeffrey Godfrey of Miami Central and Torrian Wilson out of Miami Northwestern, UCF has seemingly found a recruiting formula that it likes. The class of 2011 may have more of the same Dade County feel for UCF. On Sunday, Miami Northwestern wide receiver Eli Rogers picked up his first offer from the Black Knights.
After a conversation with UCF assistant David Kelly on Sunday, Rogers picked up some good news.
"I had called Coach Kelly from UCF and we were talking and he said he had his eye on me," Rogers said. "He was saying I'm his main target and he wants to fully offer me to the University of Central Florida."

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The news was exciting for Rogers to say the least.
"I was real proud of myself," he said. "I was speechless at first and then I brought myself together. Now I feel like I accomplished something."
Rogers has some interest in the in-state program in return and not just because of its proximity and familiarity. He sees some early opportunity to compete for playing time.
"I have a good interest level in them because as Coach Kelly was saying, they're going to have five receivers leaving after this season is over so that's going to be a good place for early playing time at wide receiver."
Having friends like Torrian Wilson already at the school is a positive as well.
"It makes me feel more comfortable and I can talk to them and ask them how the program is going and ask them about the coaches and if you can have trust in them."
Along with UCF, Rogers is getting interest from Florida, Alabama, Miami and Kansas State among others. He is also keeping his eyes on programs such as Ole Miss, Oregon, LSU and Georgia Tech. While Rogers' spring and summer plans are not set yet, he does anticipate hitting up numerous college camps to prove himself.
"I'm trying to get out there and prove that I am one of the best receivers in my class if not the best," he said.
Though he is slightly undersized at 5-foot-10, Rogers is very versatile and extremely athletic. At Northwestern, he is used all over the field to display that versatility.
"My role is basically all around," he said. "They mainly use me in the slot but I go in the backfield and run the ball. They use me in the wildcat formation. I can throw the ball and I can return kicks. I'm most dominant in the slot though."