Miami LB has two goals in mind

Miami Northwestern standout inside linebacker Taurean Charles has his priorities in line. When asked what he hopes to accomplish this season, Charles quickly replied with two answers - win state and break Willie Jones' sack record.
"I'm not really even thinking about recruiting," Charles, who is 6-foot-3 and 230 pounds, said. "I'm trying to help us get a ring, and I'm also trying to break Willie Jones' sack record. I can't let him have all of the glory."
Even though Charles said recruiting isn't in the forefront, he is thinking about it. The thought of where he will end up at doesn't escape his mind for too long.
"I have been doing research," he said. "I look at all of the team's depth chart, the class size and how many graduate. I'm also looking at how many people get their degrees."
So what programs is he studying?
"Rutgers and N.C. State are my top two," he said. "I'm also very interested in Nebraska, Oklahoma, Auburn and Florida State. All but FSU has offered me."
Nebraska is a team that is apparently making up quite a bit of ground with Charles. Even though the Scarlet Knights and Wolfpack lead, Charles said the Huskers have made a big impression the past few weeks.
"They're sending me two or three letters a day," Charles said. "I just got home earlier and there was two letters from them sitting here. It's like that every day. Their coaches have told me that I'm the linebacker that they want and they're going to do everything that it takes to get me."