Metroplex receiver taking trip

Cedar Hill (Texas) High School wide receiver William Cole has not officially rescheduled a missed visit from last weekend according to his coach.
The 5-foot-10, 165-pound receiver was supposed to make it to Nebraska for an official visit but there was a death in the family which kept him from going. Coach Joey McGuire says he's unsure whether or not Cole will make the trip this weekend instead.
"Yeah, I don't know that for sure," McGuire said. "He was supposed to be there last weekend and after the death in the family, I don't think it's for sure when he'll be going back up there."

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Five prospects of the senior class at Cedar Hill have made Division I commitments. Several more are expected from the likes of defensive back Tory Tyner and receiver Dezmon Briscoe.
"Tory is playing corner for us and has two interceptions, one he returned for a touchdown," McGuire said. "Dezmon has been playing great. These guys are going to be steals for somebody."
All the talk has started shifting to the 2009 class. That's where giant offensive tackle Thomas Ashcraft sits and has been making noise since his freshman year.
"Well as a freshman, he was benching 305 pounds," McGuire said. "That kind of separates him from what normal freshman can do. He's very smart, he understands the game well, and he's got great feet.
"I think he could be as heavily recruited as the (Tray) Allen kid over at South Grand Prairie when that time comes."
Junior defensive tackle Jarvis Humphrey is definitely the star for the 2008 class. At 6-foot-2, 290 pounds, he's been playing on the varsity squad since his sophomore year.
"He's just playing great," he said. "We've already gotten calls about him."