Memphis still in great position for Cofer

So far, Memphis has been the only team to offer the 6-foot-6, 240-pound tight end Justin Cofer but Alabaster (Ala.) Thompson sleeper may be adding more to his list before Signing Day comes and goes.
Several schools like Middle Tennessee, UAB, Clemson, and others are sending Cofer mail which he believes could turn into an offer. However, he is still very interested in the team that broke the ice with their scholarship.
"I really do like Memphis a lot," Cofer said. "It's just their coaching staff. I like how they are with the players and how their players seem so great. I could go up there and I wouldn't feel like it would be a struggle to make friends. It's a group, a team, and a set of coaches that fit my personality."
Cofer has a pretty good idea of who may offer next.
"UAB is pushing really hard and Middle Tennessee State has also been showing a lot of love," Cofer said. "Those along with Memphis are the three main schools that I talk to on a regular basis. LSU is not really coming on as hard as they were. It's those other three out in front right now."
Cofer's season came to an end this past week with a 3-7 record.
"We lost all of our games by four points or less so we could have been a playoff team for sure if we had just pulled through some of those," Cofer said. "I'm happy though with how we played and how it all went."