Memphis pledge firm at new position

Shreveport (La.) Evangel Christian’s Billy Barefield was moved from quarterback to running back early in his season. Though it’s a scenario that many players would have considered a demotion, Barefield greeted it as a new opportunity.
“I got moved to running back during our second game, and it kind of felt a little weird at first, but it’s also really nice to have less pressure on me,” Barefield said. “There was a lot of pressure trying to be the quarterback after so many great players at Evangel Christian, like Brock Berlin and everyone. As a running back I just had to play and develop a sense of game speed as I went along.
“I finished the regular season with 700 yards rushing, and I had 400-500 yards receiving and somewhere between 18-20 touchdowns. So I thought it was a pretty good season.”
The Memphis commit says that his pledge is firm, and that the opportunity to return to quarterback will be a nice return to the position he sees as home.
“I’m just talking to Memphis now,” he said. “I haven’t got any more calls lately, but it’s hard to tell how many schools have been calling for me at Evangel Christian. I’m very solid with Memphis, and not much could change my mind at this point. It would take something like the coaching staff leaving or a family problem, because no other school can offer me what Memphis can. Me and my dad really like it there.”
The dual-threat quarterback prospect is excited about his future, and feels that his time at running back may have helped fine-tune some of the attributes that will make him a dangerous college player.
“I’m fast, quick, explosive, and I can just turn the game around,” Barefield said. “I can make a play whenever my team needs one made.”