Meeks could have leaders soon

Quenton Meeks has seen his recruitment take off this off-season but the San Diego (Calif.) Del Norte cornerback is not ready for favorites yet.
The 6-foot-2, 195-pound prospect has landed major offers in recent weeks and until Meeks takes some unofficial visits he will wait on naming some frontrunners.
"It really started after UCLA," Meeks said. "All these coaches have been walking in and seeing what's happening. It started with the Cal and USC coaches and then Stanford and then it was Washington, Washington State and Oregon.

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"It's pretty much the whole Pac-12 and then a lot of Mountain West schools are coming in and stopping by. I'm thankful for all that and the coaches when they meet me I talk football with them and they're amazed at how much I know about the game and my position. That's really the selling point on why they're making these offers."
So far, Meeks has been offered by Boston College, Cal, Stanford, UCLA, Utah and Washington State. He believes Boise State and USC could be close and many other Pac-12 teams are showing a lot of interest.
"Pretty much every Pac-12 school that has talked to me is close to offering," Meeks said.
The San Diego Del Norte standout said he definitely plans to visit Stanford, USC and UCLA this summer and could take other trips. Meeks will be at the B2G Elite Camp in the coming days.
With all that's happening, Meeks is not ready for leaders yet.
"I don't know which schools I'm going to visit," Meeks said. "I'm going to do it all in June though. We're going to plan all that pretty soon and then make a decision.
"It's too early. I haven't visited any of these schools so I can't really say there is a favorite. There are some schools that people are telling me should be my favorite but I'm not going to decide based off what other people say. I want to visit the school and feel out the coaches. I should have my favorites by the beginning of the football season."