Meachem: Back in the saddle again

Tulsa (Okla.) Booker T. Washington five-star receiver Robert Meachem was the center of a controversy a few weeks back when he and several teammates were charged with fighting at a preseason football scrimmage.
The rumors started to swirl.
They bordered on Meachem knocking a coach out all the way to he was arrested for his transgressions. In the end, Meachem was cleared of any wrong doing, according his coach, but was still suspended for two games for participating in the fight.
But that's all in the rearview mirror now for the top player in Oklahoma. All he wants to focus on now is getting back on the football field and trying to figure out where he wants to go to college.
“I’m going to be back this week,” Meachem said. “It’s going to be so good to get out there on the field. I hope to get rolling again. It’s been hard to watch the games.”
But Booker T. didn’t seem to miss Meachem, as it rolled to consecutive 42-6 victories.
“I hope I can get back in there and do some good things,” he said. “I missed it a lot.”
What he’s not been missing is the calls from the college coaches. Meachem has offers from teams coast-to-coast but has his mind focused on six teams – Florida, Miami, Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma and Tennessee (order mentioned).
“I’m going to for sure visit Florida, Miami, Alabama, LSU and Tennessee,” Meachem said. “I’ve been to Oklahoma since it’s right down the street and I’ll go down for a game or something, and I know what they have to offer.”
Asked when he was going to start to line those visits up, Meachem came back with one of the better on-liners in recent recruiting history.
“I’ll set them up when it gets a little colder and a little darker at night,” he said with a chuckle.
Meachem claims to have no leader and is still playing this recruiting game close to the vest. It’s also good to see that he still has a sense of humor after what had to be a horrible start to his senior season.