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McPhearson setting up more officials

Wide receiver Derrick McPhearson has been under the weather recently, but that hasn't stopped college coaches from visiting his home. He's also been busy setting up official visits.
"I've got the flu right now," said the 5-foot-11, 175-pound Hyattsville (Md.) DeMatha standout. "There have still been coaches that have come by though. Virginia Tech has been by and I've seen a lot of Penn State lately. They're at my house or school a lot. Florida has come up here in the last couple of days, and Maryland is still coming by. They're just up the road, so it's not any problem for them to come here."
McPhearson didn't end up taking an official visit to Pittsburgh last weekend, and apparently the Panthers aren't in the running for his services anymore.
"Pittsburgh and Michigan have kind of dropped of the map," said McPhearson. "I'm looking at different options. Penn State has made a really strong push lately, so I'm taking an official visit there on Jan. 16. I'm also taking an official visit to Florida on Jan. 23, and I'll definitely set one up to Virginia Tech. I've already been to Maryland, so that leaves one left. It's going to be really tough to fit that fifth visit in because it's getting so late. I honestly don't know if I'll take a fifth."
With so many late visits planned, McPhearson isn't likely to have a decision any time soon.
"I'm pretty sure I'll wait until Signing Day to make my decision. I want to take all the time I have to make sure it's the right choice. I'm going to need some time after all my official visits to consider what I saw at each place before making a decision."