McPeters is on the radar

Clarksville, Texas defensive end Stephen McPeters attended camps at Texas St. and Arkansas St. this summer and is seeing the recruiting process pick up steam.
At 6-6, 190 pounds, McPeters was the leading tackler for Clarksville in 2011 with 98 tackles and 28 tackles for loss. College recruiters have taken notice and many are trying to get him down to their campuses.
"They just invited me to their games. Texas Tech, Baylor, TCU, SMU…big schools like that," McPeters said. "Louisiana-Lafayette, their head coach is talking about flying me down there for one of their home games."
He competes in football, basketball and in track at Clarksville, but football is his sport. Growing up he did not claim a school, but since his freshman year he has developed an affinity for one program.
"Ever since I was like in the ninth grade Texas Tech was like my dream school," McPeters said.
Currently McPeters and Clarksville are 1-1 on the 2012 season, and once again the standout defensive end is posting big numbers with a team leading 21 tackles.