McKinley announces official visit schedule

LOS ANGELES -- Takkarist McKinley isn't the most accessible prospect in the country. He doesn't do many interviews and his recruitment contains some semblance of mystery. So when the four-star defensive end stood on the sideline during UCLA's elite camp on Wednesday, he expected the questions he received.
There was plenty to discuss. McKinley's recruitment has progressed since he last spoke to the media. Already, the Contra Costa (Calif.) Community College star has settled on destinations for four of his five official visits.
"It's going to be Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona State and UCLA," McKinley said. "I'm going to take all five no matter what, so I'm just trying to figure out what the fifth visit is going to be. That last school will determine the dates and all that."
McKinley says that his mind is subject to change when it comes to his fifth and final visit. But, at least for the time being, USC and Missouri have the inside track to wiggle into the final spot on his travel itinerary.
"That could change any time, but USC and Missouri are what I'm looking at now," McKinley said.
Official visits are for the future, though. McKinley spent last week dwelling on the two Los Angeles-based schools.
"I just got (to UCLA) and I'm already in love with it" McKinley said. "With USC, it was different than what I'm used to. It was pretty good. I'm from the Bay Area, so it was different. I'm used to Cal and places like that."
When McKinley talks about the process of choosing a school and reviews the factors that will contribute to his decision, he talks intangibles and mentions the word "fit". He also discusses depth charts. See, as confident as he is in his ability, McKinley has become conscience of his waning eligibility.
"Anywhere I go, I'm going to have to compete, but I only have two years to compete," he said. "I'm going to have to choose my school wisely this time. When I committed to Cal after high school, I did it ten minutes after I got the offer. Now I have to go through the process and see what is going to work for me."
McKinley, who will graduate from Contra Costa in May plans to announce his commitment sometime in January.