McGee clearing things up

As one of the most electrifying athletes in the entire country, scholarship offers and recruiting are nothing new to Lauderhill (Fla.) Plantation defensive back Brandon McGee. If a school hasn't offered at this point, it is in the minority. For that reason, McGee is getting close to narrowing things down and clearing things up.
Recently, the high school quarterback completed his Spring Practices, spending time on both sides of the ball throughout the workouts.
"I was working a little bit at corner in spring practices," McGee said. "I was mainly at QB because we don't really have any backup quarterback. We're getting a transfer though so that I may be able to get some more reps at cornerback during the season."
The transition to cornerback throughout the spring has been relatively painless, though McGee is still very new to the position. The comfort level has continued to grow due to his athleticism and his familiarity with the offensive mentality.
"I'm definitely feeling comfortable," he said of the new role. "It's a good transition being that I've played on the offensive side of the ball. Being that I played QB on offense, I know what to expect."
Plantation's spring finale came with a 35-7 route over Dr. Krop. The next step for McGee will be to make some unofficial visits and continue to work out. The trips that are tentatively in the works right now are visits to Florida State, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina along with a 7-on-7 tournament at Auburn.
As McGee begins to clarify his summer plans he also hopes to clarify his mentality heading into college. The 6-foot-1 athlete was recently quoted as saying "winning national championships and winning bowl games is all fine and dandy, but at the end of the day it really doesn't put food in your mouth."
The affable south Florida native made it clear that that quote doesn't reflect his desire to win on the next level.
"A lot of people are taking it as I don't care if my college team wins or losses," he explained. "That's not the message I want to send off. It's just that that's my future goal: to play in the NFL."
McGee is focused on his goal of the NFL and wants to put himself in the best position to reach that goal. For that reason, he is not ruling out programs that aren't perennial national title contenders in his college plans.
"A lot of programs out there are on the rise," he said. "I want to go to a program that's building from the ground up. I'm just keeping an open mind to schools that haven't been winning. To be honest though, you don't get a check for winning a national championship once you leave college football."
Though McGee isn't ruling out programs that have struggled, it's clear that the heavy-hitters are still very much in the mix as well. Asked what schools stand out to him at this point in the process the impromptu list runs the gamut of recent successes and failures: Ohio State, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, Miami, North Carolina, Southern Cal, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida State.
With all the attention coming in at a steady pace, McGee is poised to make some cuts to his list that extends beyond 30 scholarship offers.
"I'm going to narrow them down probably the first week of summer," he said. "Definitely soon. All my offers have come in at this point so I'm going to narrow things down."
If the rest of his actions are any indication, McGee will put no shortage of thought into the first cut of his list.