McElraths recruitment has different feel

Keland McElrath's situation is a touch different than your average recruit's.
It's not his transcripts or his offer list. It's nothing like that at all. It's why you don't hear much about early playing time or campus location when he speaks. To the 6-foot-5 Coahoma (Miss.) Community College defensive tackle, there are more important factors. See, there's also more than one person making the call here.
McElrath has been married for about a year now. And any decision that's made about his FBS future will be made with the help of his wife. Coaches interested in landing his commitment will need to work double time. Recruiting McElrath is also recruiting his spouse.

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And while the couple doesn't have a child just yet, they're not ruling it out.
"I'm looking for a place I can feel comfortable brining my family to - a place with a family atmosphere," McElrath said.
The latest offer to show up on the table in front of the couple came from Texas Tech. The offer is still somewhat new, and McElrath admits he doesn't know much about the Red Raider program but intends to change that shortly.
"I've watched Tech a couple games," he said. "I know they got a good program. I haven't been on a visit there yet, though, so I don't really know.
"I don't have a favorite right now."
For McElrath, establishing a pecking order will be as simple as beginning to travel. No dates for official visits have been set as of yet, but he's getting there. At this point, he's put together a list of likely destinations.
"I'm going to take a couple visits during the season," he said. "I know I'm going to Texas Tech and Kentucky. I'm going to go to Ole Miss and Mississippi State, too.
McElrath is still waiting for offers from the Mississippi-based schools but each remains involved in his recruitment. He says he isn't certain what kind of effect Ole Miss and Mississippi State would have on his recruitment should either or both decide to make things official. He just knows he'll give them plenty of time to do so.
"My decision is probably coming in then middle of the season or at the end," McElrath said.