McDevitt players narrowing down lists

Harrisburg (Pa.) Bishop McDevitt has five surefire Division One football players on its roster this year, with four of them expected to combine for an amazing 130-plus offers by the end of the recruiting year. Running back LeSean McCoy leads the way as the No. 4 player in the country, but quarterback Jeremy Ricker, defensive tackle Jason Kates and cornerback Aaron Berry all have the potential to be in the Rivals100 by season's end. Here's the latest on the group and when decisions are expected...
We might as well start with McCoy, since his recruitment will last the longest. McCoy, the nation's No. 1 running back, isn't expected to make a decision until the last minute.
"It wouldn't surprise me if Shady (LeSean's nickname) had three or four letters in front of him on Signing Day," said Bishop McDevitt head coach Jeff Weachter. "Shady will have a hard time narrowing down his list because he's such a nice kid, he doesn't want to say no to anyone. We're hoping to have him narrow down to five schools by mid-July, but I can already tell that won't happen. Maybe we can get him down to eight or so by then."

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What schools are in the mix?
"It depends on what day it is," joked Weachter. "This list could change daily, but the teams he seems to talk the most about are Tennessee, Southern Cal and Miami. Those three, if I had to guess now, would get official visits. But like I said, it changes. Others that are in there are Penn State, Pitt, Virginia and he's been looking a lot at Georgia, Auburn and Alabama. Shady likes more schools than he doesn't so he hasn't really eliminated enough. Those are the ones that we talk about the most though."
McCoy will make his decision near Signing Day, most likely at his school with a press conference televised by ESPNews.
"That'll be my call and I know it will be at the school," Weachter said of any announcement. "But I can't see LeSean deciding before Signing Day."
Ricker, the No. 3 dual-threat quarterback in the country, has narrowed things down quite a bit already.
"Jeremy really likes Oregon, Maryland, North Carolina and Pitt," said Weachter. "He's out visiting Oregon now and then he's going to the Elite 11 in Las Vegas. He's going to visit North Carolina sometime in July and he's already been to Maryland and Pitt. His focus has really been on the Elite 11, he really wants to make it. In fact, Aaron Berry is with him looking at Oregon and both are going to the Elite 11 after. Aaron will catch passes from Jeremy there."
Ricker has also shown interest in Virginia, but they are behind the first four on his list.
"I think with Jeremy it will come down to opportunity," Weachter said. "Comfort and fit will be important. His family will go to see him wherever he plays, so I don't think location will be big."
Meanwhile, Berry hasn't narrowed down his list too far, but is anxious to do so.
"Aaron won't be a problem, he'll pick and choose who he likes quickly," said Weachter. "I know he likes coach Lockwood at Minnesota quite a bit and he likes the two in-state schools. We'll see how he likes Oregon and the west coast after this week."
Other schools in the mix for Berry are Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Florida and Illinois. Berry could also decide before the season starts but will most likely take a few official visits.
The earliest decision from the group could come from Kates.
"Jason doesn't like the recruiting process that much," said Weachter. "He wants to decide soon, but now things are a bit more confused. He really loved Penn State when he visited a couple of weekends ago and he likes Notre Dame a lot as well. We're visiting Notre Dame at the end of this week. Virginia Tech and Syracuse are now in there for him as well. If he doesn't decide between Penn State and Notre Dame soon, then he'll visit Virginia Tech and Syracuse."
Syracuse is close to offering the fifth member of the quintet -- offensive tackle Tucker Baumbach.
"They could offer very soon and that would be his first offer," said Weachter. "I don't know if Tucker would jump on the offer, but he was up there and really liked it. He'll be going to some camps this month to earn some more offers."
In the end, four of the five players could be decided by the end of the McDevitt football season.
"Shady will be the last, but that makes sense," said Weachter. "He has like 60 offers and everyone is pulling him in different directions. He told me the other day he was getting tired of talking to coaches and I think that's good. That will help him narrow things down. Once he gets it to a manageable number, then he can feel a little less pressure."