McDaniels recruitment rapidly changing

If you're looking for insight into Danzel McDaniel's decision-making process, starting at the source probably isn't the best course of action.
Like every prospect, the Dodge City Community College cornerback probably has an internal checklist of sorts. It's just that he's not particularly interested in detailing it publicly. Instead, he keeps thins simple. Then, in the world of recruiting, sometimes simple is good.
"I just want to play football," McDaniel said. "I think I can play in any defense; man or zone."

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Ok then.
The things McDaniel is looking for in an FBS school might be a tad unclear, but what's taking place in his recruitment is not. Things are happening. Visits are being planned, thoughts are being formed and new school are getting involved.
"Georgia has been calling," McDaniel said. "That's the latest right now. They say they're looking into offering me. I just have to have the grades."
According to McDaniel, that shouldn't be a problem. Of course grades are never a problem until they are. Still, McDaniel sounds supremely confident when he discusses the issue. He recently sent out his transcripts. Georgia, along with other schools, should receive them soon. For now, the aura of optimism continues.
"I think they're good," McDaniel said. "I think I'll be good. I have the grades to go into any conference. I'll have the grades for the SEC."
McDaniel, who holds six scholarship offers, names no leader in the process. He doesn't mind singling out the school that is recruiting him the hardest at this point, though.
"Probably Kansas State," McDaniel said. "I like them. I know the DB coach is a hall of famer and the head coach there is a hall of famer. I know they do good with getting JUCO players out and getting them to the NFL."
An official visit to Kansas State is being planned for McDaniel's bye week in October. Details are still being finalized on that front. For now, though, his trip to Manhattan is the only one he's working to solidify. He'll worry about others later.
"I don't know on the other trips because I don't know how they will fit in around my schedule," he said. "We'll have to see."
At least for the time being, K-State's main competition seems to be Illinois, which is the latest school to offer McDaniel. His ties to the university and the community that houses it makes the Illini a threat to land the 6-foot-2 defensive back.
"It's my hometown, so I have to mention my hometown," McDaniel said. "I've been there before. I've been considering Illinois, but nobody is at the top right now."
McDaniel plans to make a verbal commitment sometime in November but has not set a specific date for announcement.