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McDaniel stunned by OBrien firing

Three-star wide receiver Jalen McDaniel was completely blindsided by the news of Tom O'Brien's firing from NC State. The 6-foot-2, 188-pounder says he's still committed, but noted he is considering other schools.
"The biggest thing is that I'm shocked," he said. "I don't have too much of a feeling about it. I woke up and looked at the TV and on the bottom line it said Coach O'Brien was fired. It hits you when you haven't heard from any of the coaches. I'm lost right now."
McDaniel was honest in saying he is considering other programs.
"It's crossed my mind a couple times today already, but I'm still committed to NC State," he said. "I like that it's close to home and I have teammates there, that's what I like about it right now.
"The terms of me staying with them are if Coach Bridge and Coach Walters are still there. Those are my big doubts. Coach Walters will be coaching me at wide receiver and Coach Bridge got me to NC State and got me to fall in love with it."
McDaniel is in touch with two other teams, though he hasn't communicated with them more since the O'Brien news.
"I'm still talking to Virginia Tech and North Carolina," he said. "If I didn't commit to NC State, I probably would have committed to North Carolina. For Virginia Tech, I have a good relationship with Coach Wiles."
McDaniel has helped his team to a state championship matchup next weekend. On the year, he's posted approximately 30 receptions for 705-yards and ten touchdowns.
"I think I've had a pretty decent year," he said. "I'm not that worried about my personal success, but I can say I've gotten a lot faster from last year and I'm creating more things in space."